Friday, January 9, 2009

Me and my sisters.

I think I have the best sisters in the world! I really do! In my family I am the oldest of 6 kids. After me was Spencer and Adam. We were all 1 year apart. After having us three my mom took a little break before having more kids. It wasn't until I was 7 years old that I got my first sister Megan. When I was 9 Lacey was born. Because I was so much older than them we didn't have a lot in common until we were all finally mothers. Now we are best friends and it is awesome to have my sisters as my best friends. Both Megan and Lacey have 2 kids with Lacey expecting her 3rd. It has been great that we have all lived close to each other to be able to help each other and hand out and do things together. During my pregnancy and my health chaos after having my last baby they have been so helpful to me and my family. It is possible that my sister Megan will be moving to Washington in a few months and I am so sad! I know it is what their little family needs to do but I want to be selfish and keep her here. I will miss her! How blessed I am to have such great family. I also have such awesome sisters-in-law....Menolly and Rachelle. My brothers married wonderful girls and I love them too! I found some pictures of us on our wedding days. As sisters we are each SO different but that is what makes us special. Love you Megan and Lacey! Me

The three of us on Megan's wedding day.


Cheryl and Scott said...

Gorgeous pics Annie. You are all so different but so beautiful!

Murray Family said...

What beautiful brides!! I didn't know Lacey was expecting again. That's so exciting! I wish Megan and her would get blogs so I could keep in touch with them better! ;)

I feel the same way about Marci. We were so far apart, age wise growing up, but now that we're both moms we are the best of friends. I sure hope my Madilyn will have a sister!

The Wright Family said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I will miss Megan too! She is like a sister to me too! Therefore, you guys are my sisters too! :)

Rose said...

You are all beautiful women. Tell Lacey congrats! That is exciting! I have the same feelings about Jessica. Sisters are the best!!