Sunday, October 26, 2008

CT scans and pumping and dumping!

Have you ever had a CT scan? They are quite the amazing machine. It sounded like a jet engine and as I was going through it I could just imagine myself taking off! The CT scan went fairly well. It turned out to be a hematoma that they were able to fix right there in the scanning room. It was a minor surgery and I am feeling a little better...still very tender in the tummy area but feeling better than last weekend. I am on some pretty heavy antibiotics; one for a sinus infection and one for the infection in the hematoma. So glad to have that all behind me. I am praying to feel well so that I can take care of my family and move forward with my Heritage Makers business. Have you ever had to pump and dump? Because I had iodine in my system I had to pump and dump for 24 hours! So not a fun thing to do...especially for one who nurses her babies exclusively. It is a good thing that Hunter is such a good baby and took a bottle and formula so well. He didn't even skip a beat but I was hating life! Happy to be back to the regular old nursing routine. Tomorrow is a new week and I am hoping to have an amazing one. Being positive is what I need to be!! Hope you all have an amazing week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last night Hunter was pretty fussy and Dave and I were laying in bed with him trying to help him relax. Nothing seemed to be working UNTIL Dave started singing to him. The song that did it was "Ocean Front Property in Arizona" by George Strait. I thought it was hilarious! Of all the songs in the world to sing to a baby it was that one that calmed him down! I do hope it doesn't become a favorite for Hunter.

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what your gonna get."

Since I had Hunter I have been feeling great! Especially after having such a difficult pregnancy. At 19 weeks I went in to the hospital with terrible pain in my side; at 25 weeks I had surgery to fix cysts that were by my ovaries; diagnosed with gestational diabetes; and then having my fourth c-section (in which I also had my tubes tied and the Dr. gave me a semi-tummy-tuck)! During all that we shopped for a house, found a house, moved in to the house and have been working on fixing up the much stress the last nine months that I am surprised to have survived all of it....but I did with flying colors!! Over the weekend I started feeling not very well where my stitches were and discovered a very large mass that concerned me. I went to the Dr. today and it is either a hematoma or a hernia!!! I go in on Wednesday for a CT scan to see exactly what it is and what will be done. If it is a hematoma they will just drain it (sorry for those with weak stomaches) and if it is a I go for another surgery. When the Dr. said the word "surgery" I almost lost it. I thought I was done with all that craziness and I got so frustrated! So, Wednesday I will know what will happen and I hope it will be the easier of the two. Just needed to vent a little....I know everything will work out for the best and that I will be well taken care of. The thought of having a 3rd surgery in less than 5 months time is a little overwhelming. Wish me luck and I will post what I find out as soon as I find out. So yes, life is like a box of chocolates, and I have had my share of "interesting" ones.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Too fast!

I don't like the fact that time goes by so fast. Today is my baby's 1 month birthday and it has gone by too fast. Since Hunter is my last baby I just want him to stay that way forever and always be little. I know he will grow up just as fast as my other kids but it doesn't mean I have to like it:) I am so grateful to have him in my life. Hunter is my gentle little baby. He seems to be such a thoughtful and peaceful baby. Love having him! Today is laundry day. I have stacks and stacks down in my laundry room. I don't like having a laundry room so far away but it is really the only thing I don't like about my house. If the room were more close to the bedrooms and bathroom I would probably keep up better. Oh well! Dave is in Utah this weekend hunting with his dad, brother, and cousin. I am happy that he gets to do fun things with them, it's just hard that they all live so far away. They are his favorite people to hang out with other than us! We will all go with him next week when he hunts again. Most of Dave's family has not seen Hunter and it will be fun to introduce him to everyone. Dave's mom and sisters are having a Halloween party the weekend we go and the kids are so excited. I found some fun costumes at the DI for the girls. I found a red poodle skirt for Ellie so she can be a "50's Girl". I found Emma a baby doll costume with ruffled pantaloons and a bonnet. They will look so cute. I love finding fun things at the DI. The costumes only cost $7 total!!! For Slater we found him a "Bumble Bee Transformers" costume at Wal-Mart for pretty cheap and he is in heaven for sure. I can't seem to keep him out of costume and hope he doesn't ruin it before Halloween. So I have been in a baking/cooking mood lately. I love the Fall and the feel of change. I have been making soups/chowders, pumkin bars, corn bread, cookies, carmel popcorn, enchiladas, and other yummy things. Today I can't decide what to make....more pumkin bars? Cookies? Brownies? Cake? In between doind laundry I want to make something yummy....guess I better go figure it out. Here are some pics from the last week or so.....looks like they wanted to upload at the top of this post....oh well! Enjoy

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pics of the house

So here are some pictures of the house. When we bought it, it was inundated with trees and bushes. It was difficult to even see the house. For the last few weekends Dave, his brother Kyle, my dad, and my mom have been busy helping to cut down all the bushes and trees. It has been a big project and the house looks so much better. It's actually nice to see what we purchased!

This poor house was on the market for almost a year and vacant off and on for up to four years or so. The inside and outside were neglected and the house just needs some TLC which we are willing to give it. Can't believe someone else did not see the potential that this house has. Most of the house has original light fixtures and probably has only been painted once since it was built in 1971. There are beautiful hard wood floors on the main level and the upper bedrooms. The kitchen had two layers of linoleum and carpet which was gross but the sellers gave us a flooring allowance and we were able to put a new floor in the kitchen and carpet in the middle family room. The third family room has nice carpet. The house already looks so much better and we love it. Can't wait to paint the rooms and change out the rest of the will look like a new house. It's crazy to finally be in our own house. The kids are happy to be here and I love having all the room. Dave is in heaven with being able to work in his "own" yard and all the fix-it jobs. We feel blessed!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Such a sweet baby!

My little Hunter is about the sweetest little guy ever! We are having so much fun with this new baby. He has been such a good baby so far. The first three all had collic for the first six months. Hunter is such a good baby and hasn't showed one sign of collic. He sleeps through the night usually and is happy throughout the day. We feel so blessed to have him in our home. Here are a few pictures of the cute little guy.