Monday, October 20, 2008

"Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what your gonna get."

Since I had Hunter I have been feeling great! Especially after having such a difficult pregnancy. At 19 weeks I went in to the hospital with terrible pain in my side; at 25 weeks I had surgery to fix cysts that were by my ovaries; diagnosed with gestational diabetes; and then having my fourth c-section (in which I also had my tubes tied and the Dr. gave me a semi-tummy-tuck)! During all that we shopped for a house, found a house, moved in to the house and have been working on fixing up the much stress the last nine months that I am surprised to have survived all of it....but I did with flying colors!! Over the weekend I started feeling not very well where my stitches were and discovered a very large mass that concerned me. I went to the Dr. today and it is either a hematoma or a hernia!!! I go in on Wednesday for a CT scan to see exactly what it is and what will be done. If it is a hematoma they will just drain it (sorry for those with weak stomaches) and if it is a I go for another surgery. When the Dr. said the word "surgery" I almost lost it. I thought I was done with all that craziness and I got so frustrated! So, Wednesday I will know what will happen and I hope it will be the easier of the two. Just needed to vent a little....I know everything will work out for the best and that I will be well taken care of. The thought of having a 3rd surgery in less than 5 months time is a little overwhelming. Wish me luck and I will post what I find out as soon as I find out. So yes, life is like a box of chocolates, and I have had my share of "interesting" ones.


Angela said...

Wow honey, that totally bites! You know I relate. Getting through it and getting your answers makes ALL the difference in the world. Just keep holding out. You'll find them!

Rose said...

Good luck! I hope it turns out the way you want. I will be thinking of you.

Jessica said...

Wow!!!! What a couple of months....I hope it is the simpler of the two and you don't have to have more surgery...Good Lick!!!