Monday, January 12, 2009

Bald is beautiful!

Today was the day that we cut little Hunter's hair. His head of hair has been out of control since day one. I have loved his hair so much! He has gotten a lot of attention. In fact, when I was walking down the isle in sacrament yesterday holding Hunter a lady told me later that as I walked with him his hair would kind of "bounce in the wind" with ever step. Dave was home today and we pulled out the clippers and buzzed it all off! I almost cried as I did it but survived! He looks like such a big boy now and it is totally blond instead of all the dark stuff he was born with. A very bitter sweet day. I will post pictures later. Need to go and make dinner for the kids and hopefully get a batch of bread made tonight. Ta ta!

P.S. I called my dad and had him guess who was a bald boy thinking he would guess Hunter and I think jokingly he said, "hm, let me guess...Dave?" Ha ha ha, I told Dave and I don't think he thought it was that funny. Dad really was teasing and it gave me a good laugh!!!!


Megan said...

Awww I loved his hair! He could have shared some with Ryleigh!

Cali and Travis said...

What no pictures of the buzzed head? I would have loved to have seen that. I'm sure he's still gorgeous!

Blake and Erica said...

Your little guy sure had a ton of hair when he was born. Your need to let me in on your secret to having babies with hair. Both my girls didn't get any hair until they were 18months or so. LUCKKY!!:)

Stan and Kim said...

Hi Dave and Andrea,

Your Blog is adorable!!! What a beautiful family you have. Where is your house, I seen you bought your own this year, How exciting!!! We are doing great, we have a blog too, let me know your email address, and I will send an invite.

Love Kim and Stan and Kyle