Saturday, August 22, 2009

We are alive.

I sure haven't been in the blogging mood lately. Actually, I haven't been in the mood for much of anything. Our family is doing fine and we are having a good summer. The kids and I have been able to go camping a couple of times. Dave has had to work and hasn't been able to go with us which has been such a big bummer! A couple of weeks ago we had a ward camp-out which was great! The kids had a fun time looking for and collecting snail shells by the creek. That was the highlight for them. We all had a good time and the ward was so awesome at helping me with the kids. Last weekend the kids and Iwent camping with my friend Becky R. She has a nice camp trailer that has everything; a sink, toilet, AC, cook stove, couches, etc. She found a nice place in Swan Valley that had a playground for the kids. We all had a great time! About 3 weeks ago we went to Lava Hot Springs and had a ball! We found a great camp spot about 1/2 a mile from the swimming pool. Lava is such a great place to swim and I know we will go again.

It's almost back to school for my kids and we have been trying to get ready. We were able to get most of their supplies the other night. We first went through their old supplies from last year which was awesome because much of it was still good. I was grateful. The girls were able to get some cute shirts, a couple of jeans, socks, and undies for school. I have mixed emotions about the kids going back to school. For one, I will miss the girls helping me with Hunter and the laundry. They are so good at helping me carry the laundry baskets up and down the stairs. My back is still bad and they are such good helpers. They are also so awesome with Hunter. Sometimes they change is bum and feed him and I appreciate them so much. They will be missed! My Slater boy will be going to kindergarted this year and I am kind of sad about that. He has been my little buddy for so long and I will miss him so much! He is such a big boy and he is getting excited to go to kindergarten. Can't believe he is old enough to go. It will be fun to hang out with Hunter, he will be my little buddy now.

Life is crazy, you know? There are so many ups and downs and sometimes the "downs" get old. I have been having a lot of experiences lately that have been helping me to see the good that is around. The last year and a half for me has been pretty difficult with some health issues but I am trying to be more positive in my attitude and trying to make the best of some situations. I have been doing a lot more reading in the Ensign, scriptures, good books, etc. Reading always helps me and I am grateful to be able to read inspiring messages. I have also had the opportunity to be a member missionary and that has been so cool. A good friend of mine is very interested in joining the church and will be taking the discussions soon. She has a blood clot in her brain and some other problems and I know that she is really thinking about her mortality. What an awesome exprience it has been to be her friend and share with her my testimony.

I have such a wonderful husband that I love and miss. He works SOOOO hard for our family and I hope he knows how much I appreciate him. Sometimes he comes home late at night after working 14 hour days and I have hardly done anything at home and I feel so guilty. He truly loves his family and takes good care of us. He does NOT like working two jobs but does it because he loves us. He is a good man and I am so lucky to have him as my husband.

I guess I have rambled on long enough. It is about 2:25 am and I am not even tired. I really should go to bed but have so much on my mind. I hope to be better at posting news of our family. I don't know how many people read this blog but I will try to do better at posting, no promises though.


Lindsay said...

We love you Annie and your fam. Can't wait to see you over Labor Day weekend. Brinlee starts preschool in september. It's crazy how fast they grow up :)

Hooper Family said...

I love you Annie. You can call me any time. I PROMISE that I will come see you this week when the kids are in school,if you're up to it! Love ya! -Lacey

Amy said...

Annie - you are awesome and a good example to so many people.

Rose said...

I'm so glad I came and read your post! I hope the school transition will be an easy one for you. Love you.