Sunday, August 30, 2009

A change of pace...

Tomorrow the kids start school and that means it's time for change. Time to go to bed early; time to get up early; and time to get in to a routine. I may have said this before but I have a love/hate relationship with school starting. I love that the kids have a routine; I hate that our late nights hanging out are over. I love that the kids are excited for school; I hate the fact that I will miss them while they are gone. I love that the kids will be learning new things and working hard; I hate that the lazy days of summer are over!

Miss Ellie will be going in to the 6th grade and I can hardly believe that. She has grown up too fast and I miss my little fiesty baby girl. She is growing in to such a beautiful young lady and I am proud of her. She is a good girl with lots of talent and smarts! I hope she has a great first day! She has been so worried about what to wear for the first day...I have been trying to help her understand that whatever she wears will be awesome and that she needs to worry about what's inside of her and not the clothes she wears. I hope to teach both of my girls that clothes and such are not what makes a girl popular and cool; it's how they treat other's and their examples that will make them likeable.

Miss Emma will be starting 4th grade. Oh my gentle Emma! She too has grown up way too fast! She is such a sweet little thing and also one of the funniest people I know. Just this morning she asked me why I wasn't in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and I told her, "honey, have you heard my singing voice? That's why I am not in the choir". She cracks me up. She and Ellie have been such good helpers with Hunter and I will miss that. Emma especially has been fond of Hunter and I know that she will miss him too.

Slater boy is now a big boy! His first day of kindergarten is tomorrow and I am so happy and so sad all at the same time. He has changed a lot the past year; his speech has gotten better and he seems to be doing better at lots of things. I am sad to see my little buddy growing up so fast. Thankfully kindergarten is only a half day so I will get to enjoy both of my boys before the girls get home.

Ok, enough sentimental journeys. I just love those munchkins and will miss them!


Rose said...

The kids all look cute and grown up! I can't believe Hunters BIG blue eyes! How cute! I know what you mean about teaching the kids that it's inside that counts. Hopefully we can both be successful at that.

Jessica said...

I love the pictures and the updates....I can't believe how fast they have all grown!!!!