Thursday, April 3, 2008

The new "do"!

13 inches....gone! Yep, Emma had 13 inches of hair cut off yesterday and she was thrilled! No tears, no complaints, no regrets! She is so excited to have short hair and is loving her new do. Her hair will be going to locks of love so that someone who needs hair can have a wig made out of Emma's hair. She was happy to be able to help someone she doesn't even know. I am proud of her. She wanted to take the cut hair to school today for show and tell but I didn't let her. The hair needs to not be "man-handled" and sent off soon. I told her to just show and tell the hair she has on her head and talk about what she did. She's a sweetheart!


Murray Family said...

Love the new do! What a sweetheart :)

Thibodeau fam said...

What a brave, sweet Emma!! I can't wait to see her on Sun( well I guess next Sun...because of Conf)

I also LOVE those cakes..WOW!!! Did you make that Valentine one yourself? IMPRESSIVE!!

Angela said...

Wow, it looks great Emma!!! I love it! Seriously what a change. I bet you're both missing it but at the same time excited about how much less work it will be!