Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long time no post!

So, it has been a long time since I have posted anything. It's time to update on what's going on in our household. I guess first of all I am so ready for Spring!! Will it ever come? One day we will have nice weather and the next it will be pouring rain or snowing...I don't get it. I am so looking forward to some nice warm weather.

The kids are staying busy with school. Both Ellie and Emma just finished up their jumprope class. Both of them have really excelled in their jumping rope and speed. It is fun to see them improve and succeed. Miss Ellie went to the Civic yesterday to watch a play called "Old Yeller". She loved it. This girl loves to read and has started reading Harry Potter and can't seem to put it down. Emma on the other hand doesn't seem to enjoy reading as much. She likes to find excuses and would rather find a really easy book to read really fast and be done. We have to continue to encourage her to read and that she reads well. We have been reading our scriptures every night and the kids actually enjoy it! If we miss a night of reading we get chastized by the girls for not reading! I am grateful that they are gaining a testimony of the importance of reading the scriptures and what's even better is when they ask questions and understand what we are reading. Slater even takes a turn and we help him to read. Of course he just repeats but it sure helps with the speech problems that he has. Practice makes perfect!

Poor Dave has been working like a mad-man. He has been putting in 14 hour days at the site and at Sam's Club. We are trying very hard to get our debt gone and he has been working so hard to help reach that goal. He did apply for an IT position at BYU-I and he hopes to get it!! It would be an amazing job with great benefits and a good atmosphere. We were able to get him a suit last week which he hasn't had in a very long time. I must say he looks so handsome in his new fancy suit! He looks handsome even if he is in his pj's. I just love him!

I am finally starting to feel this little baby of ours move. What a blessing and a thrill to know that we are having another baby! This one will most likely be our last so I hope to enjoy every minute. I have a wonderful new Dr. and I love visiting their office...the office staff is awesome and I love my new Dr. I am glad to be in a new office for this last pregnancy. We find out what we are having on the 5th of May.

Mr. Slater is such a little joy! He has been talking quite a bit about the baby and says that my tummy will get bigger and bigger, then the baby will come out and that he will get to hold "her". He says "her" alot! I guess we will see if it is a "he" or a "she" soon enough. Slater seems to be doing better at speech therapy all the time. He still struggles with alot of words and sounds but we do see improvement all the time. We are proud of him and know that he can overcome his speech struggles.

I am loving my job as a Heritage Makers Consultant!!! I love, love, love this amazing company and what it does to help people write their stories. Heritage Makers books, cards, posters, etc. are awesome products! I love helping others discover that everyone has a story. Please go to my website ( and check out HM and what they are all about. I have had some great success the last couple of weeks and I just want to shout out to everyone how important it is to preserve your stories and not just the pictures. There is an old Indian Proverb that states something like this: "When someone dies it is as if a library burns down." Isn't it true?

Of course pictures are so important because a picture tells a story. I know that when I look at pictures of my grandparents or others who have gone before I just wish I knew the story in the picture. "Pictures without stories are like memories lost". Wether it's a HM book or another form of preserving your memories get them written! That is what I am trying to do. It is sometimes not easy but I know it will be worth so much to my children and grandchildren. I am so proud of my mom because she is in the process of writing her own personal history. Right now I am encouraging my dad to write down his mission experiences and one day I want to go through his pictures with him because I know it will trigger the stories and experiences. I know that when my parents and Dave's parents are gone I want my kids to know what their grandparents experienced. Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble on about my passion. I can't help it!

Looks like I better run and get some things accomplished today. I have a mound of laundry just screaming at me to wash, fold, and put away. Yuck!


Nield Fam said...


I have been waiting for you to post. I have missed hearing what is going on with you. THis is how I keep track of everyone these days. I am glad, it sounds like things are going well for you. Bryttyn cannot wait for Saturday, the kids will have a blast, we are going to try to get our garden in.

Thibodeau fam said...

It's good to see you blogging again!! And as the primary pres~ I'm so happy that your kids are reading the scriptures. Good job mom and dad..) We just talked about the scriptures last week in primary, so they must be listening...YEAH!!!
Make sure you post as soon as you have that ultra-sound, I will gladly hold that baby of yours!!!! Who is your Dr.??
Have a great day!

tin said...

I feel the same way you do about laundry. If I could hire someone to do it for me I would. I would prefer to buy new clothes each month than do it. I don't mind washing and drying. It is the folding and putting away.

The Wright Family said...

Wow, sounds like you have a lot of stuff going on. Good luck, I hope everything works out: (Your husband and the job, and your laundry of course :)

bipbopboo said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I just started and I love it. It's much easier to keep eachother updated this way. So, it's May 5th. Is it a boy or girl? Let me know! Lindsay