Monday, December 10, 2007

It's been a Monday!

What a busy, crazy day! I went and helped a friend clean her house this morning then took Emma to the Dentist today. The right side of her face is swollen and she has some kind of infection in her fun! I picked up the kids from school and then went out to my mom's to work on a special project for a brother that is going on a mission. That seemed to take a while and we just got home. There's not a lot on my list of things I did today, it's just that it seemed to take all day and I am pooped! Trying to get these kids to bed is such a hassle...they like to take their sweet time and it drives me crazy!

It snowed today and the snow was so soft and fluffy. It did get really cold and we had to really bundle up today. I love the snow and wintertime. I almost got hit today by a car full of teenage girls. I was slowly going around a corner and this car comes at me from the opposite going really fast and the car was sliding right in my direction in which I had to scoot over and hit the curb really hard. It made me mad because as I passed them they were all laughing and thinking it was funny....was not funny to me.

So, I bought a turkey and can't wait to cook it this week. I borrowed my mom's electric roaster and hope to cook it on Wednesday or Thursday. I guess I didn't get enough at Thanksgiving! I am going to make some mashed red potatoes, make some kind of veggie and also make some homemade rolls (thanks to my new/old bread machine). I love that the bread machine does all the hard work and all I have to do is shape the rolls and put them in the oven...awesome! I made my first batch yesterday and they turned out perfect.

I guess that's all for now. Need to go throw a load of laundry in and maybe pick up some clutter around the house.


Angela said...

I'm so freaking glad that you love the bread maker and especially happy it worked perfectly the first time! And thanks for your help today. It really helped me be able to get a bunch of cleaning done too. Oh that roaster is so nice I'm sure that turkey will be amazing. Get some rest PLEASE! You gotta keep up that energy!