Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We survived Christmas and had a ball!

We had a great Christmas. It looks like Santa did a good job at giving the kids some of the things they wanted. Also, the kids had an opportunity to buy some gifts for a neighbor and they loved that. It is so fun for them to receive gifts but more fun for them to give. They said that was their favorite part of Christmas. On our way home from Christmas Eve festivities we saw a car off the side of the road and a guy walking to a gas station with his gas can. He was obviously out of gas and we thought it would be a nice thing to take him back to his car after he got his gas since the car was a very long walk away. The man was so grateful to get a ride back to his car as there were people sitting in the car waiting for him to get back. I am sure they were cold waiting so long. After we dropped the guy off Ellie said..."That felt good!". What a great opportunity for our whole family to help someone out on Christmas Eve! I don't think the kids will forget that we helped someone in need. It made our whole Christmas. If I can get this to work I am going to post a few fun Christmas moments. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Angela said...

They look SOOOO Cute! I'm glad Christmas went well and even more that the kids got to learn about serving and how good it feels!