Thursday, June 4, 2009

School is out!

Yesterday was the last day of school for my girls. Monday was the last day for Slater. I have some mixed emotions about school being out. I am happy that the kids get a break and that they can play outside more and stuff like that. On the other hand the kids will be home ALL DAY LONG! Don't get me wrong....I love my kids very much but there are going to have to be some rules that we establish or it will make for a very long summer. I will be making chore charts and we will have to have some "down" time every day and of course the kids need to be outside. This will be our first summer in a "home" with a yard (which is still being worked on) and I want the kids to have a good time being outside. I am grateful to have this wonderful home and good kids and a hard working husband. I hope I can be patient with myself and with the kids. I have pretty touchy emotions lately due to continued health problems and I don't want to let that spoil my summer and the kids' summer. So, here's to hoping it will be a fun summer filled with good times!!!!!!


Jen N Shane said...

I hear ya! I LOVE having the kids home and no schedule, BUT... Ya know. Hopefully we both get through it!

The Wright Family said...

Good luck! That IS a lot of kids to be at home all day with! Hope you guys have a lot of fun!

Hooper Family said...

Hi Annie! I thought I would surprise you and let you know I have joined the blogging world! carlandlaceyfamily.blogspot! You can check out what we are up to this summer. I hear ya about the LONG summer days. Some are sure longer than others. You know you can bring your kids to me any time! Love ya!