Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random stuff.

Here are a few random pics. My kids are so creative. We don't have TV so the kids find all kinds of fun and crazy things to do. Why do we not have TV? For one thing, I will not pay for cable. There is so much junk on TV these days that I don't want it in my house and don't want to waste my money. I have no interest in all of the sit coms and everything else that is on. I guess I feel like I waste my time when I watch TV. So in turn I waste my time on FaceBook! My husband on the other hand would love to have cable so he could watch his BYU Cougars. Anyway, back to the kids. They love to make tails and pretend to be different animals. Sometimes I have found them all decked out with tails, ears, noses, paws, etc....all made out of paper. This first picture is of Slater. He was so proud of a tail he made for himself. It is so small that you can't even see it. Silly boy. The girls have a few dress up clothes and it is fun to see what combinations they come up with.

This is GG Smith. She is my dear of my hero's! I love her so much and it was fun to visit with her a few weeks back. She lives in Utah and doesn't get to see family too often. She is one of only two Great-Grandmother's that my kids have that are left living.

This is Great-Grandma Hamblin, Dave's Grandma. She is 90 something and seems ageless. We love her. I love this picture with all of my kids and her. She is a great lady and is a spunky one. She also lives in Utah and we were able to visit her too!


Stan and Kim said...

Grandma is actually almost 92!!! You are right she seems ageless,

Annie said...

Thanks Kim for the correct age. I was way off. I love that little lady!

Jen N Shane said...

So I found you through Rebecca's blog, which I have no idea how I found. Guess that makes me a blog stalker. Crazy we live close and hardly every see each other. You have the cutest family! I hope it's okay I found you. My blog is I'm pretty new to this whole blog thing so it's very new.