Monday, December 22, 2008


So grateful for so many wonderful blessings! I just got back from the hospital last night. My Slater was in for almost three days with asthma problems. He is now finally diagnosed with it and we have the breathing machine which will be wonderful to have when he needs it. This has truly been a crazy week for all of us but I have so much to be grateful for. So grateful that Slater is doing better. Grateful to have been able to just sit in the hospital with him and Hunter and relax so that my body could continue to heal. Grateful for a wonderful mom who always steps up to the plate and takes care of her grown kids when needed. She came and cleaned my kitchen, did laundry, swept, and took the girls out to dinner. Thanks mom for your amazing help with everything I have been through this last year. You have been an angel. So grateful for sisters and a sister-in-law who have helped in so many ways with watching my kids, cleaning, and meals. What wonderful help you have been to me. Very grateful for new and old friends who have also helped with my kids, brought meals and visited. I have the greatest friends in the world! I am grateful for a new and special ward that has really shown what service is. Truly grateful for their service, meals, well wishes, and kindness. Grateful for all the tender mercies given to me by a very loving and aware Heavenly Father. He is completely aware of my needs and I KNOW that he loves me! I am so blessed and grateful to have cool kids. I love my kids and love being their mom. To my husband, he is the best. I love him more than words can express. He has been such an amazing husband and father. Dave is the most dedicated husband and father and also works harder than anyone I know. He works two jobs so that I can be at home with the kids, he blesses me with his love and kindness, and even after all these years with having kids and weight gain he loves me despite all of my imperfections. He is always there with hugs and loves. I love him! Wow, I am feeling so much gratitude and just needed to express it. This year has been full of many challenges and they have been for my good and for the good of my family. Trials make us better and I say, "bring it on!" I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I know that this for me has been one of the most memorable years for me. This season is special and I am enjoying it so much. Love to all who may stumble on this "grateful" post.