Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tonsils and adenoids!

Mister Slater had his tonsils and adenoids taken out today. He was such a trooper and is now sleeping. I hate to see my kids in pain and it was so sad when he was coming out of anesthesia. He was so confused and all he wanted was to have the monitor taken off of his toe. After he slept for a while he was much better. I am so thankful for able Doctors who can fix my babies when they are sick.

Friday, November 14, 2008

What kind of husband do you have?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hunter David Hamblin

On Sunday we had Hunter's blessing and it was an awesome day! It was such a special day and one that I will remember for a long time. And of course I can't just post one picture of my cute baby. He is such a sweetheart and I love his little face. We had lots of family come for the blessing and here are "some" of the people who were able to share our special day with us: Curtis, Meta, Merlin, Jean, Daren, Allyson, Quentin, Karson, JaQuoy, McKenzie, Bill, Shannon, Mason, Amelia, Mike, Julie, Maggie, Jackson, Marci, Jared, Ashley, Adam, Rachelle, Bryttyn, Aiden, Creiden, Ruffin, Megan, Sterling, Riley, Carl, Lacey, Caden and Carter. Our friends: Greg, Pari, Winston, Cora, Natalia, Sasha, Joseph, and Matthew. Family who were there in spirit: Spencer, Menolly, Connor, Hailey, Brady, Kyle, Lindsay, Brinlee, Raigen, Hallie, Mike, Brenda, Grandma Smith, Grandma Hamblin, and Elder Garrett Nield. We have such a wonderful family and want them to know how much we love them. Little Hunter has lots of family who love him and it is so great to have so many examples in his life. We love you Hunter Boy!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween fun!

For Halloween we had a "Bumblebee Transformer", a baby with funky front teeth, a "50's Girl", and a little "punkin". Dave was such a good daddy and took the kids trick-or-treating while mommy and baby slept from 6:00-9:00 on Halloween night. Dave and the kids had such a fun time and they came home with LOADS of candy. I have had my share of sneaking in to their bags to find the good stuff. With as much candy as the kids got I don't think they will miss a candy or two, or four, or nine,or ten.

The weekend before last we went to Utah to see Dave's family and Dave's mom and sisters put on a fun Halloween party for all the grandkids. My kids had a blast decorating cookies, painting, dressing up, and playing with their cousins. We always enjoy going to Utah to visit family. Dave was able to go hunting with his dad, brother, and cousin. They didn't get anything but had a great time being together. We love visiting with family and wish we lived closer to do funs things with them.

Right now we are trying to get the house ready for company. Little Hunter will have his blessing this Sunday and lots of family are coming to visit for the special occasion. Now that I am finally feeling a little better I have lots of catching up to do. I just realized it is getting late and need to have scripture study with the kids. Dave is at Sam's Club working tonight and won't be home til late. Hope you have enjoyed the pics and I will post again soon! Love to all.

So in love with this baby!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not a hematoma after all.

Nope, I guess I misunderstood when I went in for my CT scan that what I actually had was a "small" pocket of infection that they removed. I was then put on some heavy antibiotics to take care of any other infection that may still be there. I had the CT scan on Wednesday the 22nd and we went to Utah for the weekend and I was feeling fine. By late Sunday night I was NOT feeling well in the abdomen area again and by Wedensday was back at my Dr.'s office to see why I was feeling so yucky. When I went in that time it looked like I had a bad case of cellulitis and that I may have a serious type of staph infection too. I was sent home with an appt. to see an infectious disease Dr. this coming Monday. Well, the next day (Thurs) after I changed one of Hunter's diapers I stood up and felt something wet by my belly and thought that Hunter had wet through his clothes on to my clothes but when I felt his clothes he was dry. I won't go in to detail as to what I discovered but to my shock I was (brace yourselves) pouring out nasty stuff from abdomen. I called my mom who works not far from where I live and told her to come over right away. I called the Dr. office and neither the Dr. or the PA were in so I had to rush to the ER where is was discovered that I had a massive infection where I had my stitches. The infection had to be cleaned out and it was extremely painful. I was put on morphine for the pain, IV antibiotics, and other things that I can't even remember. My Dr. showed up and took care of the problem himself. So now I have the joy of going to a wound specialist every day to have my abdomen packed and new bandages put on. This experience has been one of the most painful things I have experienced yet. I think this year will go down in history as one HECK of a year for me and my health. I have had basically 3 surgerys within 5 months. Lovely!!!! I am hoping to heal quickly from this so that I can take care of my family. I have been so blessed with such good people: family, friends, and ward members. My little family has been taken care of and we are so grateful for the meals and well wishes. I hope my next post will be about something other than hospitals and abdomens!! Until next time....